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About Us
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We are "The Twisted Indian". We are where  traditional meets modern, where global meets desi and where being twisted is absolutely normal. 

The vision behind the name is to showcase the wide variety of flavours and what can be made out of them with a bit of creativity. Why, because normal is boring. Put a little twist and things get real interesting. So do your dishes.


But the traditional Butter chicken lovers have no reason to be disappointed at all. When we say traditional, we mean it. Our traditional curries taste just the way they should without added preservatives or flavours. Originality is another thing that makes us Twisted. 

Also on offer are our signature Indian inspired cocktails and local craft beers along with quality wine and spirits. 

Sydney's One of a Kind Indian REstaurant & BAR

Love Curries? We all do, don't we? But the Indian cuisine has so much more to offer. We at "The Twisted Indian" aim to offer unique flavours from India that haven't been offered yet. Be it our signature cocktails or our Twisted dishes. Our menu also features some global staples transformed using Indian spices and flavours. 

TUE-WED-THU 4:30 pm - 6 pm

TUE-WED-THU 4:30 pm - 6 pm

COCKTAILS That you won't find anywhere else.

thats always local, always fresh and ice cold.


G'day Mate!

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166 Norton St, Leichhardt
NSW 2040
OPen  7 Days  12:00pm - 11:00pm


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